History being buried alive in a cemetary
History being buried alive in a cemetary
Find out why the fear of being buried alive was historically justified

What would you say if you found out that fear of being buried alive was justified? Historically there were many taphophobes with legitimate concerns.

We’ve all seen movies and heard horror stories about being buried alive. They sound pretty fantastic — and not fantastic like, “Oh awesome. That’s so cool.” But in the sense that it seems impossible and crazy.

Historically there was actually quite a bit of fear around being buried alive — maybe not overwhelming amongst all people in all cultures, but there was definitely some worry about this happening. Why? Because it did happen.

Medicine has come a long way, as we know, and still, there are medical mistakes and mysteries…

It might not surprise you to find out that Hitler was addicted to opiates. | Image Source: NBC News

Most definitely. Adolf Hitler was addicted to methamphetamines as well as a plethora of other drugs during his time as a political leader.

It goes without saying that we view the Holocaust as an atrocious event, and this article is in no way blaming Hitler’s drug-use for the atrocities he committed. But, it is interesting to see what state a man such as Adolf Hitler was really in.

We often hear about his ability to get a crowd going with his passionate speeches, or that he came into power at just the right time when the German people were looking for salvation.

It’s quite apparent that Hitler’s physical and mental health deteriorated throughout his reign, and it’s not far off to say he…

The history of everyday life has always fascinated me, and a visit to a quirky museum prompted this article on the history of some toilets

When we study history we are usually looking at the much bigger picture — wars, how borders were shaped and that sort of thing. At least, this was my experience in my many years as a student. But I always wondered about the weirder stuff…actually, stuff that isn’t really weird at all, but no one seems to talk about!

I was always curious about how people lived, and not just royalty or famous people, but the average everyday person. What did they eat? How did they cook? Which leads to…how did they go to the bathroom?

On a recent trip to Kyiv, I discovered the pretty amazing Museum of Toilet History. We were offered a guided tour, but being the nerdy historian I am, I opted to be the guide for my fiance and I. Needless to say, he was surprised about how much I knew…about toilets.

The photos included in this article are the main highlights from the…

A few interesting facts about the history of medicine and medical practices.

A few interesting facts about medicine from the past. Our views on medical treatments have changed drastically over the years.

Herbs, plants and other natural ingredients were the basis of all medicine throughout history. It wasn’t uncommon that some of these remedies had no medicinal qualities whatsoever — there was a lot of trial and error to get to where we are today.

Ancient Egyptians seemed to know their stuff

One interesting part of ancient medical history was the ancient Egyptian use of honey to keep out bacteria from wounds. They also used mouldy bread to prevent infections in wounds.

They may not have known exactly why these methods work, but now we have the science that explains how these procedures would have helped. We now know…

The theory of the four humours, although proven to be incorrect, inspired scientific thinking which led to many changes in medicine

After the first millennium, Hippocrates’ and later Galen’s perfected theory of the four humours had a great influence on medicine. However flawed, this theory sparked curiosity and did lead to some medical breakthroughs.

It’s worth jumping back a few centuries to take a look at the fathers of modern medicine and some interesting facts about how Humourism impacted and inspired medical thinking.

Hippocrates and the theory of four humours

Hippocrates, often considered the father medicine, has been credited with the development of the theory of the four humours. Humorism gained more popularity later on through the writings of Galen and Empedocles who expanded on the theory, to include the four seasons and the four fundamental elements.

This theory dominated medicine and pharmacy for hundreds of years, despite having been disproven by many doctors and scientists since it’s development.

Pro tips and questions you should ask to determine if you’ve found the right body leasing partner for your business.

A guide to body leasing developers and finding the right partner for your business

Finding the right partner to lease developers from can be a challenge. There can be a lot of unknowns…

Do they have the right technical skills? Will they be able to work well with my existing team?

There are some ways of determining if you’ve found the right fit. The best practice is to determine their developer’s communication skills, understand their recruitment process, and ensure that they’d be able to fulfill certain requests that go along with your companies processes.

Finally, take a look at the guarantees they offer. After all, it is your project, and you want to find…

Go programming language (Golang) is simple, secure and as a result, it’s growing in popularity. This article explains why you should ask about Go language for your next app.

The Go programming language was developed in 2007 and launched in 2009. Since then has become the fastest growing programming language in Github because of its speed, reliability, and simplicity. Go has grown more than 8% overall with a 0.7% change from the previous Quarter. Looking at the changes in Go from the previous year, it’s clear to see that its growth has been consistent.

Go, commonly referred to as Golang, is popular worldwide in the software industry. …

Most of us grew up singing the nursery rhyme called “Ring Around the Rosie”, but most of us don’t know that this song could have originated from the Plague.

A normal part of our childhoods was playing outside during recess and singing nursery rhymes, most of which had games that went along with them.

Ring Around the Rosie was one of those nursery rhymes, where we would all hold hands, stand in a circle, and turn while singing it. In the end, we would all let go of each other's hands and fall to the floor.

This can bring back so many fond memories for us, but the truth is, this nursery rhyme is speculated to be about the Plague!

The Plague

The Plague, also known as the Black Death or…

Explaining the Flutter hype, and understanding which projects are best suited for Flutter development.

What is flutter?

Flutter is an SDK (Software Development Kit), which means it provides all the tools needed to develop a digital product. Developers who work with Flutter code in its unique language called Dart, which was developed by Google. Flutter uses Dart to translate applications into iOS and Android.

Dart is the developing language used by Flutter to build iOS and Android applications.

Flutter development is easy to learn for most developers, and Google puts a lot of effort into the development of this SDK. Since Flutter is open source, it is easier for developers to implement code — this is because anyone can contribute to the Flutter library as a developer. …

Working with a remote team can be extremely beneficial to your web or mobile app for a variety of reasons.

There are a lot of concerns and questions about working with a remote team. It may seem scary at first because it can be unfamiliar territory!

My plan here is to help you better understand how working with a remote team functions, take a look at common client concerns and demonstrate that these concerns are not as problematic as you might initially think. Also, it only makes sense to talk about the benefits of working with a remote team!

How working with a remote team works

When working…

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