Let’s go exploring!

I want to walk on thin lines, taunt threads. Dive into the ocean, take that leap of faith. Go all the way, into the deep. Feel the sand in my toes, grass tickle my feet. Climb that mountain, and sink into the warmth of the morning sun. I want to fly, feel the wind beneath my wings. Take flight into the happiness that life has got to offer. Not just be the universe, but be the universe. Have every bit of my being, resonating with adventure. Fall in love, fall out of it, then fall again. Dance, dance to the music that my soul sings so often and yet I seldom hear. Find the heaven that they all say hides within my heart. And just as I say goodbye, I promise I’ll leave a trail, of stardust en route. So, someday when you decide to come my way too, you won’t have to begin with losing yourself as I had to.


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