The Cage

Once upon a time, I was flying in the sky
Green and gay, I was learning to soar high
Suddenly I felt a striking pain in my chest
And in a jiffy I was back in my nest

Few days later, someone picked me from my nest
Leaving me with uncertainty and quest
She took me to her house and locked me in a cage
And left me chirping with rage

But just then she got you
And put you in cage number two
There you sat opposite me
You're all I wanted to see

We fluttered our eyes at each other 
And exchanged a feather
As she opened our cages
And was busy flipping her pages

We swirled round and round 
Making happy, chirpy sounds
We could not bear to part even for a second
For we knew these moments are threatened

She then grabbed me and put me back in the cage
I was just glad that you and I were still on the same page
Our eyes were on each other all the time
Whether we sing or drink or dine

Every now and then I wished to come to you
Then I remembered I am in cage number one and you in two
I fluttered my wings again and again
But it always went in vain

One day, I suddenly see her grabbing you
I wonder now what will she do
She takes you away in a basket 
Leaving me to cry at the unexpected
I watch you going away
I now cry to myself every day

I can sense that you are somewhere around
But unfortunately I am bound
I dream, I hope all day and all night
That you fly back to me and make it all right
I know that someday we'll be together again
And it will all be the same
No matter how hard it may seem
But sometimes I wonder, is this just a distant dream?