Different type of footwear for women

Trendy women footwear is an integral part of women’s stunning style statement. Women simply can’t do without stylishly appropriate and practical footwear. Footwear for women such as high heels, casual shoes like ballerinas, sports shoes, flip-flops and handmade shoes like juttis, mojaris are absolute necessities to flaunt fashionable looks. The right kind of women’s shoes can take a girl’s stylish look to a level higher. Trendy shoes are great confidence boosters and you can spruce up your personality at work or at the parties with the right footwear.

Ladies must make sure your shoes are comfortable to wear and healthy to your feet at all times. Remember not to compromise comfort while wearing statement shoes. Let us have a look at type of footwear for women.

There are mainly two types of shoes for women:-

1. Heels

Prominent feature of heeled footwear is elevated part at the ankle apart of shoes which gives height to the wearer. You can either go for one or two inches high kitten heels or opt to wear five to seven inches high stiletto shoes. Women heels models like wedges, platform heels, bally shoes with heels and other types are available in different styles, colours and design patterns these days.

2. Flats

Flat shoes don’t have any elevated support at the back of the shoes. Ballerinas, loafers for women, gladiator shoes, strappy sandals, kohlapuri chappals, slippers are some of the types of flats. They come in array of shapes, designs, colours and materials.

Find trendy footwear for women online:-

If you are into fashion-forward genre, you can explore from a wide range of women’s fashion shoes on online shopping websites. Shoppers can discover whole world of flats, heeled shoes or platform or broad heel shoes. Stunning ladies’ party wear shoes featuring embellishments, embroidery work in attractive hues have hit online stores. The best part is women’s shoes available on web shoes are quite affordable. So ladies, explore women shoes online having exciting features which would surely enhance your look in no time.

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