Gender Equality? or Fairness? (PART 2)….

Hey people! Thanks a lot for all the messages asking me whether I was planning to complete my article regarding feminism. Assignments, Midterms, Tutorials, Projects. Etc started to flood in the last 2 weeks. Anyways, I’m planning to end all the fires that started because of my previous article and also I promise to keep everything as simple as possible.

I was in the middle of a lot of heated arguments last week. Of course those arguments were catered by those who labelled themselves as Feminists and were triggered because of my previous article. Out of those people, I noticed just 1 true feminist. I thanked her by saying “ Thank you for keeping the argument civilized”. The reason was, she was the only person who actually listened to what I said, and also the only person who had the courtesy of accepting the flaws of modern day feminism(manhating and toxic masculinity).

This goes out to the rest of the people who ended up saying “you are a lost cause” or something of that sort. A debate can never be won with personal opinions or by getting emotional. A debate can only be won with facts and statistics because numbers never lie. If you read my previous article, everything I wrote there, were based on facts and statistics. Even the “Feminism is a cancer” quote that I used was a census that took place in UK and USA where 3/4th of the women voted proving that it is true.

Now, why do I say that Feminism is not the way? Again it comes down to the Equality story. One of my friends wrote an article regarding why feminism is needed and she used a nice little example. She said, “ If a mother has two children and she’s favoring one immensely more than the other, for a reason that is completely beyond the child’s control(like gender is?), I would say that the other child is fair in rebelling.” I like the way she has structured this question to suit her opinion on the matter. She had assumed that both were boys just to prove her fact about equality. The assumption of one’s thesis itself to achieve some goal is basically a fact derived from assumption. Hence it does not count as a valid argument. To that, I ask this. What if this was a girl and boy? Wouldn’t equal treatment on this matter mean that the boy should get bras and tampons when the parents buy them for the girl? Or, the girl should get men's underwear's whenever the boy gets it from the parents? This is why Feminism is discarded in modern societies. Modern feminism is just another lame excuse for not being able to keep up with the modern society.

Why is fairness and justice the way to solve problems now? Because of its practicality. Think for a second. In the above example, if the guy and girl gets something at the same time, then that is being fair. Gender Neutrality works on any case. Feminism had its good times and now most of its policies do not work as needed in the modern day society. Would we buy an iPhone 3G just to show we have an apple product? Why not go for an iPhone 5/6/7/8.Etc? Same brand, but better applications and specs. The true feminists have already turned towards Gender Neutrality.

Now there is also a rising trend of popular female celebrities like Emma Watson, Beyoncé, Trevor Noah, Hillary Clinton. Etc speaking about feminism. Emma (famous for her role of “Hermione”) is a well outspoken feminist and did a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in 2014. She spoke about equality among sexes, women being discriminated, and mainly the gender wage gap. First of all, my take on this is, political propaganda. Feminism is a really heated topic in the west and it spreads like wildfire everywhere, injecting the brains of the youth with false facts. The left is extremely famous for instigating such propaganda with ease. If you are a feminist who thinks that Emma Watson’s speech is actually true, ask yourself this question. Would a person who earned 80million USD from a film franchise know about the real issues of this world? She was basically living in Hollywood’s safe haven from the age of 11yrs old and has no idea about poverty or any sort of discrimination that we boys and girls go through. According to such a person, “Feminism is the way” and that is complete BS. Also, this is just another fact that most of the Sri Lankan’s do not know about. Beyoncé who is another feminist has a factory in Sri Lanka making garments for her clothing line and these Sri Lankan women who work for at least 12hrs per day are paid 64 cents per hour! Where’s the feminism there?

Another huge problem that feminists speak about is this wage gap. According to feminist findings women earn 23cents less than every dollar a man makes. Yes, just by looking at it you can say that there is a difference in the wages. Let me explain. When finding this fact, differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure, hours worked per week are not considered. This is just an sum of all earnings of men/women divided by number of men/women. Also, the funny thing about this is, if the above fact was true, all company owners would fire men from workplace because they can earn profits by paying 23% lower than what they used to pay! When the ages are considered, from 20–30, both men and women earn pretty much the same, 30–40, men show higher earnings than women, 40–60, men and women earn pretty much the same again. Why the sudden downfall of women from 30–40? It is because of the maternal leave almost all women take and that is perfectly fair. If you are a firm follower of feminist policies, you would see that they blame men for this too. The mother staying home to take of her child is discrimination against women according to them. Yes, some fathers make their wives stay at home and to take care of the kids. But it doesn’t happen everywhere. It is a choice made by both man and woman together.

Finally I would like to say, always treat both men and women in a fair manner. We should always respect each other because only then would we be able to create an amazingly well developed society. The stats speak for themselves. Only 1/5th of women in UK and USA are feminists and they are close to facing extinction. Fairness and justice are the only ways we can use, in order to get out of this mess. Lets work together, respect each other, cast aside all differences and make our country and this world a much better place….

Sonal Hemaratne(just another caring human being)