“Share what you Make” — Advice worth following

I grew up as an introvert (I still am, but probably less so), and putting myself “out there” doesn’t come naturally to me.

When I started my Learn Educate Discover podcast a few months back, I remember when I had published my first episode and it was time to share the episode …. somewhere — Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Simply publishing the episode was not going to be enough and getting the word out, in whatever way I could, was going to be key.

That first update on LinkedIn was excruciating…questions such as “People will wonder why in the world am I podcasting” or “Does she know what she is doing?” or “Has she quit her job?” or “Wow, this sucks!” etc etc were on my mind. I wondered whether I should be creating a LinkedIn update about each new episode, or only update once (“I don’t want to spam everyone every week!”) Whether I should post on Facebook at all or not, given my podcast is more business and careers focused. The doubts just kept coming.

Until finally a friend said this — Have you seen the trash that gets shared on LinkedIn and all these networks? Just do it. It doesn’t matter.

And yes, fast forward 10 months since then, and yes, I’m glad I began sharing my podcast. All of the above questions may have been true, and maybe a bunch of people wondered what in the world I was doing. But, it is also true that the following has happened since then:

  • Emails and messages informing me that they have found my podcast helpful and informative
  • I have been able to connect with other smart and driven people, strangers to me up and until we connected thanks to LED, who have given me ideas and guidance — and hopefully this will continue to happen
  • A bunch of my colleagues have asked me for tips on how to start a podcast
  • I’ve been worrying how to get transcripts of my episodes without spending too much money on it, until a friend recently reached out to me because he had seen my updates on LinkedIn, liked what I was doing, and offered to help me — and he’s helping me with the transcripts now. He would have never been able to help me if I wasn’t sharing what I was doing.
  • 16,827 “plays” on my podcast and counting

I’m glad I started sharing my podcast back when I started, and now it is very much a part of life — a great part of my life, that I thoroughly enjoy.

Austin Kleon’s “Show your Work!” is great read about this very thing — give it a go if you need more motivation: http://austinkleon.com/show-your-work/