An app concept that would help people limit their excess screen times by getting reminder for a break and monitoring their daily/ weekly screen time.


This was a 10 week long capstone project for Interaction Design Specialization course on Coursera through University of California, San Diego. We were given 3…


The scope of the project was to interview your partner, find a problem they face in their everyday life and be able to solve it with the help of a mobile app.

Tools Used
Sketch 3, POP, paper, pencil and Sharpies

3 Days


My partner Juan is wine…

My experience with hitting a plateau while dieting and breaking through it!

So, I have been trying to loose weight since last five months now. I started taking baby steps — first by walking within the house and later by taking my walks outside the home. Motivated by this, I joined a gym, got a trainer and a Fitbit Flex — this…

These are a few essential steps I learned and practiced during my journey, they are easy and helpful.

  1. Choose healthy food

The first step towards a healthy living is healthy eating. Your food choices matter — “You are, What you eat”. Healthy food choices promote weight loss and help maintain a healthy body too. Avoid processed foods. They are loaded with calories. On the other hand, healthy foods…

Also an invitation to share your journey

I am on a weight loss journey since Feb’14 and I have lost 18 lbs so far. Besides that, I got addicted to my Fitbit Flex during this period. I have been a perpetual dieter as fas as my memory goes, yet, I was never able to lose weight. I…

Sonali Nigam

Hi! I’m Sonali. I was a management professional in past. Now, I am a mom and an excited UX Designer.

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