Enable Google Plus SMS In India To Receive Notifications In Mobile For Free

Recently , Google has updated is support for some more countries in Google Plus. If you are from India then there’s a good news for you as well because now Google plus also supports Google Plus SMS service in India.

So what is Google Plus SMS ?

Google Plus SMS is a service from Google with the help of which you can post your status updates with the help of your mobile phone on the go. It means you are always connected with your social networking friends.

How to activate it ?

Activating Google+ SMS service is simple.You only need to verify your mobile number and then you are done.

If you are from phone then you need to follow the following steps :

Step 1 : Visit www.plus.google.com
 Step 2: On the upper right corner you will find a gear icon, click on it.

Step 3: Click on the Add Phone Number link and you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number there. Enter the mobile phone number that you want to use with Google+

Step 4:Then select the country from the list, in this case India and click on Continue button.

Step 5 : Soon you will receive a text message from Google with a veification URL to activate your Google+ SMS. Click on the link to finish your verification process. After verificaton completes ,you can tick the desired type of notifications you want to receive in your mobile.

If you are from computer then you need to follow the following steps :

Step 1: First visit Google+ settings page by clicking http://plus.google.com/settings/plus

Step 2: Under the Notification Delivery heading, click the Add Phone Number link.

Step 3 :Select your country in this case India

Step 4: Enter your mobile phone number without country code.

Step 5 : Click on Send Verification Code link

Step 6 : Soon you will receive a text message including your verification code , enter the code from the message in the box and click on Confirm button.

Now you can join the messenger conversations and post and update status in Google+ via your mobile phone . Note : Standard charges may apply however you can receive notifications for free.

Currently it supports 185 countries including India. To confirm whether it is working in your country or not visit this link. Join Delhi courses for More.

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