Google Algorithm Update Affecting Exact Match Domain

Good morning all! EMD is bad for many website owners that have been ranking solely on the power of EMD (exact match domains).?? Some of the sites that have been affected by the Google EMD algorithm update today have been those that dont have a lot of unique, original, high quality content or appear to be somewhat spammy. After looking at my analytics today, I did notice a change in my own ranking on a couple of my sites, particularly those that do have an exact match in the domain name. Although they only seemed to have dropped a couple spots and still on the first page, it does worry me since they generate a decent amount of passive income every month.

And I also hear the algorithm update is still taking affect, so Im not going to keep my hopes up, Im just going to wait and see until tomorrow and hopefully the authority site model I created should be enough to keep me on the first page.

If youve built your site with the authority site model in mind, then I believe you should be okay, but cant really be for certain yet. But, from what I see so far on my sites, I m still maintaining my first page rankings, but I did get outranked by a couple non exact match domain name sites, that used to be below me. In the end its all about content! if youre taking the time to write unique original content on a continual basis and building up quality backlinks to your sites, then you should be fine, but well see. You never know with Google.

This algorithm update proves that exact match domains are not the way of the future and should not be used as a strategy for ranking your site, especially if youre building out niche sites. Lesson to be learned is: Take your website property more serious and treat it like a real business, Provide quality, value and excellent customer service! Cause ultimately thats exactly what people want and thats what Google expects.

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