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Why do we live in a time of #MeToo when certain women, privileged women, such as celebrities, are able to shine a spotlight on the hurt that they have experienced, but other women continue to face sexual harassment, discrimination, and tragically also date rape and assault, in the ordinary course of business? Meaning when they are cleaning a room at a posh hotel in Midtown, Manhattan. Or practicing law for a startup in Brooklyn that, instead of paying the contractual wage, has a founder that would rather force a female employee to work for free or allow him to “take…

I just returned from a Christmas and New Year’s trip to Colombia, and I was also fortunate to have traveled there in March 2017. I have now experienced Cartagena, both the old city and the beach resort area, Santa Marta and Tayrona, doing yoga in an eco-lodge and exploring Indigenous communities, and Medellin, the great and modernized city that was once the most dangerous city in the world run by drug lords.

Juxtaposition of mountains, old architecture, and soaring modern buildings in Medellin, capital of Antioquia.

Located in northwestern South America, Colombia is the fourth largest country in South America and the only one with Caribbean and Pacific coasts. There are five main natural…

I reflect on Indian Prime Minister Modi’s state visit to the White House this week, where he focused on trade and strengthening United States — India ties but side stepped the climate denial of the White House. Also, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 was exactly 5 years ago in 2012, where we as citizen stakeholders created a place at the table to discuss climate change in the context of the institutional framework for sustainable development.

Modi avoids Trump’s infamous handshake and instead bear hugs.

Modi & Trump are both nationalist leaders of two of the biggest democracies in the world — these countries, India and the US…

4/29/17 People’s Climate March:

This is what I wrote to the Washington Post’s key climate change reporter yesterday:

The fundamental principle that we believe in is that minorities, women, and children who are the most vulnerable around the world deserve a place at the climate negotiating table. Trump is saying he wants to open federal lands for oil and gas drilling and will only stay in the Paris Climate Agreement if India and China provide more funds through the Green Climate Fund. This myopic and erroneous logic misses the point of climate justice — India and China have over 500…

So here what you can do my friends who care about climate change and the US staying in the Paris Agreement:

Please contact your Member of Congress (phone call, letter, email) and tell them to support H.Res 85 (https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-resolution/85)

Here is how to find your Representative’s contact information (http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/)

Please go ahead and send a message saying that YOU believe that climate change is a real threat, it is manmade, and the US must take climate action and keep global commitments. This is what YOU CAN DO to move the needle.

Also please share our video that we have already sent broadly to Congressional staff. https://youtu.be/snnDDsq8c2Q

Thank you! #StrongerTogetherForClimateResilience

All of us must act to solve climate change. If you agree, March With Us! #StrongerTogetherForClimateResilience

The reason that I’m planning to march and speak on Earth Day, 4/22/17 in Tribeca, NYC and 4/29/17 in Washington DC, with a group of environmentally concerned citizens, is that we need to hold President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress accountable for taking action to stop climate change. I will represent Women Advocates for Transforming Energy & Resources (WATER), our NGO that brings together diverse millennial women leaders across law, policy, business, strategy, science, and technology to create a legion of climate change warriors.

Some Republicans in the Administration and in Congress are attempting to use sleight of…

The Indian flag, the Bharat Chakra surrounded by the national colors, blows in smoggy wind.

Environmental Justice is the concept that environmental pollution disproportionately affects the vulnerable in society that often do not contribute to the problem directly — women, children, the old — and this pollution, from landfills, incinerators, chemical plants, or factories, is often deliberately placed into low income and minority areas, without the communities that are forced to bear the harm having a role in the decision making process.

No example illustrates the harm of environmental justice more than climate change — the mother of all collective action problems, also a game theoretic problem and prisoner’s dilemma — because when some countries…

“It is difficult for the vulnerable to adapt to climate change — therefore we must mitigate (lower GHG emissions) of top emitters. Today emitters aren’t just particular countries but the wealthy, let’s. provide funding and technology solutions for sustainable development.”

— Sonali P. Chitre

The EPA’s mission for the last 40 years has been to protect public health and the environment: Donald J. Trump is trying to modify that to “clean air and clean water” — this sleight of hand is being used to focus on “energy independence” and claim that we can deregulate the energy (coal & oil) and auto industries. I strongly object to this Executive Order reframing pollution control and prevention — we need more cross sectoral coordination based on science, not less. We are building bipartisan strategies to fight back across both sides of the aisle. President Donald J. Trump will walk alone, just as he had to on health care.

— Sonali P. Chitre

Sonali P. Chitre Official

Climate Change Advocate | Clean Tech Spokeswoman CEO & Founder of PSC LLC. Consulting & WATER (Ngo.) 🌐

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