4/29/17 People’s Climate March:

This is what I wrote to the Washington Post’s key climate change reporter yesterday:

The fundamental principle that we believe in is that minorities, women, and children who are the most vulnerable around the world deserve a place at the climate negotiating table. Trump is saying he wants to open federal lands for oil and gas drilling and will only stay in the Paris Climate Agreement if India and China provide more funds through the Green Climate Fund. This myopic and erroneous logic misses the point of climate justice — India and China have over 500 million people without access to reliable electricity, and those people must be allowed to develop sustainably. The US, like the EU, Canada, Russia, and Australia, has already gone through an industrial revolution, and the high emissions per capita in the US and in these other countries need to be addressed.

There is no Planet B — there is no other option. We must develop a policy framework that keeps our climate under control — the impacts from extreme weather events, global warming, oceans acidification, coastal erosion, drought — are already being felt, mostly in the Global South, which has done the least to contribute to the 410 parts per million of GHGs in the atmosphere. We must build resilience by setting up clean tax cuts, adaptation and emergency preparedness funding mechanisms, and we MUST stay in the Paris Climate Agreement — there is no need to “renegotiate” it — we should try to reduce GHG emissions in the US by almost 30% by 2025, and the new Congressional bill championed by Senator Bernie Sanders to stop fossil fuel energy generation by 2050 is key.