Facilitate a Design Thinking Workshop

I got the opportunity to plan a design thinking workshop during my design internship at Cisco Systems. I learned a lot about how to facilitate design thinking activities within a large group — and was tasked with leading a workshop of my own. If you’re interested in facilitating your own design thinking workshop, I’ve created directions for how to facilitate a workshop and attached them below!

Here’s some information about the workshop that I helped plan:

Xenia Product Definition Workshop

Task: Plan a two day worksop where User Experience Designers and Product managers who will come together to define our products User Experience Design Principles and form a shared understanding of Xenia’s product vision. My role was to research and co-conduct activities that would assist my team:

  • Form a shared understanding of Xenia’s target user.
  • Form a shared understanding of Xenia’s product strategy. Exploring the advantages/disadvantages of different product strategies (putting the user at the center of our process).
  • Create a list of unanswered questions to ask Development and Product management for offline discussions.

The purpose of the workshop was to clear up misunderstanding amongst teams on the vision of a legacy network security product. After multiple meetings, we discovered that the engineering and product management team had a different “product vision” than the design team. At this workshop, we defined and agreed upon a shared product strategy for our product.

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