Good People of Ruby-SIG

In the last fedora-infra meeting, Kushal pointed out that it is important that the gems I am using on my project are packaged in Fedora. I was taken aback by this, because I had no idea that such a thing as rpm package of ruby gem existed. Others were quick to guide me to resources to get me started: Infrastructure/AppBestPractices, Packaging:Guidelines and Packaging:Ruby

I decided to contact the people who must have been through all of this — Ruby-SIG. You can imagine that the ruby community on Fedora must be small, we are all python people here. However, the response I got was just overwhelming. Each one of them so detailed and resourceful in their reply. Ken Dreyer made me a complete road map which I should follow if I plan on packaging ruby gems. He is the maintainer of quite a few ruby gems. Then there was Dominic Cleal, who explained how he dealt with this issue on his project foreman.

The reason why GlitterGalley would benefit from packaging is the distribution of the application. People could easily install it and run it (by starting SystemD unit for instance). The other one is that those people would get security updates for their application automatically with system updates (yum update) which they have to run anyway… so its a lot of work for the maintainer and least effort for people running it. With packages you can also easily ship SELinux policies, properly state all system dependencies etc.

That would be Josef Stribny, who explained why should I care that the gem I am using comes as rpm package.

Obvious problem with all this is that packaging takes a lot of time and it will end up delaying the deployment of GG in production. I hope we will find a middle ground.

Coming to things I worked in the last one week: I added responsive images for the desktop and the mobile site. RMagic’s resize_to_fill came really handy in generating different sizes of images. I also finished my work on authorization. We change our landing page to exploration page, so now our site is quite engaging even for the guest users. I also added sourcemap for sass files, otherwise it was really difficult to work with a single 1k lines long stylesheet file.

Originally published at on June 1, 2015.