Twigly Launches Smart-Bit, a Self Learning Recommendation Engine

Your eating habits are different from mine, why shouldn’t the menu be!

Gurgaon, September 14, 2016: Twigly today launched Smart-bit — a self-learning recommendation engine that customizes Twigly’s menu based on individual customer tastes, preferences and profiles. The engine also recommends new items for customers to try based on food characteristics.

Twigly, the restaurant-on-the-cloud that promises great food and supreme convenience was founded by Sonal Minhas, Rohan Dayal and Naresh Kumar in 2015. “We’re breaking the conventional ways people order food step-by-step. We at Twigly believe that eating is a very personal experience and each user should quickly and easily find what he or she wants. In line with our promise of convenience, Smart-bit, shows our customers items based on their eating habits,” said Sonal Minhas.

Smart-bit uses a customer’s order history, choice dishes and their characteristics, time of ordering, and smart heuristics to determine the most likely dishes that a person would be interested in, and then adjusts the menu accordingly. In this way, each user sees a customized menu unique to him or her. “Our study of ordering behaviour showed that customers develop polarized preferences to our dishes. Clear ordering patterns made us realize presenting a static menu on a highly restricted screen space is not ideal for our users. With Smart-bit, we have achieved ~75% accuracy in predicting what a customer will order next. With more data, we are confident that we can take this accuracy to above 90%” said Naresh Kumar. “Everyone’s choices are different, in fact, an individual’s choices may differ in the same day, or across weeks. Now, with the power of data and technology, an individual’s menu will also be different” added Rohan Dayal.

Twigly has a history of creating personalised user experiences based on its customers eating habits and choices. Other examples of Twigly’s firsts include ‘Slick’, a single click ordering for Twigly’s sandwich of the day, and one-click online payment. Twigly’s apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

Currently operating in the Delhi-NCR region, the startup aims to scale to US$100 million in sales in the next 7–8 years. Apart from its retail operations in sandwiches, pastas and rice-curries, Twigly plans to start a FMCG line of dips and shakes. Twigly recently raised US$600,000 in seed funding from Tracxn Labs, Hyderabad Angels, Kunal Shah (co-founder, FreeCharge), Aditya Verma, (co-founder,, Gaurav Bhalotia (Vice-president of Engineering, Flipkart), partners at McKinsey and other angels.