Writing 101 is not fooling yourself into thinking you know more than you do

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Don’t write what you don’t know — this might just seem like the stupidest sentence you read today. But is it?

A few weeks ago, our college Committee required students to send write-ups on designated topics that were to be published in our brochure later. The duty of going through the write-ups to see if there was anything in it we could use fell upon me.

Now, I’m no Margaret Atwood but, like most of us, I know good writing when I see it. And, like some of us, I get a little crazy when I don’t. Imagine the feeling…

How I integrate the regular and the versatile in practice

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I’m a repeater. No, not the telecom kind. Ergo, yes, I made it up.

Basically, if I’m into something — a movie, a book, a delicacy — I invest myself into it completely. Many people look for adventure and new experiences. I get that, and I totally appreciate it. In some parts of my life I, too, am keen to explore the unfamiliar. But if its something I really love I will go back to it. Again. And again. …

Too much, too tough, too fast

Caught in a snare

Stay strong

Every step taken is a thing of the past

Into the abyss, stare

Stay strong

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Blending together

Stay strong

A moment joy, a moment sorrow

Lips tilting up at the corner

Stay strong

When practice doesn’t make perfect but brings comfort

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Have you read/seen The Maze Runner series? Highly recommended. However, the point I want to make is how scary Thomas and team find the entire scene when they find themselves in the situation they do. Soon after, though, we see Thomas determined and curious and even excited.

Any task is daunting — often misunderstood — when looked at from afar, but the closer you get the more laughably easy it seems. The ‘fear’ of not even starting something because you don’t believe you can satisfactorily finish it. …

And why it trumps a solid ice-cream diet and the idea of a million bucks in hard cash

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Some days it feels as if my mind is a source of Harry Potterish magic and my pen a wand, ready to spurt a bunch of lyrical words without needing so much as a spell. Other days, there are words all right. Except they are not for polite company.

Either way, words are my solace and language a treasure. Communication in any form is a gift, but I am simply partial to the written word. …

Results from a fortnight’s worth of tried-and-tested formulae.

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As a methodical human being self-diagnosed with OCD but also prone to seasonal moodiness, it can be conflicting to pick a single right answer in many situations. So when I tried to decide the winner between method and deliberate chaos, it was like Sophie’s Choice. Finally, I thought what better way to know for sure than to try out an experiment and analyse the results?

(I figured most of us can relate since for all my talk of method and OCD, I am just mercurial. As are probably 85% of the people on earth. Now to get to it.)


Source: Positive Routines

Given the option, there is only one thing I would do right now — scream into a pillow and cry over the abuse to my eyes. As a bespectacled student with a very real danger of becoming unhinged soon, I have some thoughts to share before the few wits I have left fall out of my head.

Perhaps this requires a bit of context. This year has not been a friend to humankind in general, although the lesser privileged have certainly more to crib about. Most educational institutions have resumed operations through the digital mode, some even deeming it fit…

Sonal Okhade

Law student. Prefer a quiet read in bed and a long drive with the windows down. Scribble in a diary without context every chance I get. Hopeful novelist.

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