Happiness is An Attitude

Happiness is an Attitude.


Different kind of people will have their own set of answers to this. None can be judged as right or wrong. And few others don’t even care to define happiness, they just experience it.

After more than 2 decades in my life, I felt the need to redefine happiness for myself, moving beyond the commonly accepted definition i.e “Happiness is doing or getting what you want or like.”

I tried having a deeper look into the matter and found that it’s not the action (doing or getting) which actually makes me feel happy rather it’s something else which follows my actions, which in turn is followed by the feeling of happiness. And with further investigations I came to discover that it’s “MY THOUGHTS” that actually is the reason behind being happy or sad. It’s always that our emotions are followed by our thoughts, so it’s obvious that by changing our thoughts we can change our emotions. VOILA ! Now as I know the science behind happiness, it’s on me to be happy or sad any time any where.

Sounds so simple but practically it’s not that easy right ?

If your answer to this simple question is YES, you are happy and if NO, you are sad.

See how simple it is. It’s your thought only that made you happy or sad, right at the moment.

So from there on, whenever I feel a negative emotion, all I do is come up with a more positive re-interpretation of the event that induced the negative emotion and I start feeling happier. Here, You can argue with an statement that it’s just not possible to have positive thoughts all the time. I agree. So I say, have realistic thinking not positive thinking.

Few days ago, a friend of mine was very sad. On asking she said, due to her inconsistent performance she didn’t get promotion in job. The cause here is “her inconsistent performance” and the action is “her boss didn’t gave her promotion”, both of these are constants now. And the reason for her being unhappy was no way the action of “not giving a promotion”, it’s actually her own thought that she didn’t get a promotion which is making her feel so. On the other hand if she thinks that due the same cause i.e her inconsistent performance she would have been fired and this thought will not change anything else than her negative emotion of being unhappy. Isn’t it very realistic to think so ? No need to struggle on having positive thoughts if it doesn’t come naturally, just be real and I hope that’s not difficult.

Dear Friends, I accepted happiness as an ATTITUDE and