Want to explore the beauty of Nagtibba at LOW COST ?

Life is not easy nowadays. Everybody is running around trying to survive. But everybody needs a break from it once in awhile and escaping away to the mountains brings some peace and sense of belonging.

But not everybody can go on a extravaganza trip just because you want to escape from the hustle of life. So i will tell you my experience of a trip to nag tibba at a budget that won’t hurt your pocket much.


I started my journey from New Delhi.

I took a bus from Delhi to Dehradun. It’s important to manage your commute well and booking a ticket in advance helps to get a cheaper deal on the tickets. So, it cost me around Rs. 800/- for an A/C volvo bus but if you are not travelling in summers a local bus will charge you just Rs. 260/- bucks. Cheap deal right! There is Indian Railway System also you can opt for as well. So from dehradun we can take a local transport which is like 150/- bucks for nainbagh, from the route of yamuna bridge. It’s a small village on the way. From there take a local jeep from nainbagh which will cost you as low as 40/- bucks for pantwari which is the starting point of the trek. It is a drive of 12kms. Hitchhiking is the best way to cut down on commuting cost.

I reached pantwari around 2 pm and started my journey with my friends


The trek is like 7 to 8 kms. So we get accommodation halfway through which is a goat village. This place has not been known by much people but it’s a must visit. So i stayed there for the day before i began my trek the very next day in the morning.

It’s a beautiful place and so peaceful. Waking up to the views of the mountains and the silence it has is unbelievable. They have beautiful cottages made out of mud and they do not even use electricity. During the day sunlight is the light they have and at nights they use candles. The food made there is all organic and the cook makes amazing food. As beautiful as it is in the day it is magnificent at night. But it’s completely safe and you get to meet some really interesting people there.

I myself met a lady there who was a nutritionist. She was there to explore what organic vegetables people living there were growing so she could collaborate with them. People come and live there for weeks and some even volunteer to help there.

This might be a little expensive but it’s completely worth it. People also have a option of living in the tents. They are a way cheaper option. The tents will charge you Rs. 2500/- for two days. They are a safe option too. Living in the tents has its own adventure.


The cost of food is not much. If you plan to stay in goat village the cost per day is Rs. 3500/- including the taxes. This includes the cost of three meals, tea and snacks. And if you plan to stay in a tent they bring along a cook with them included in the cost so he will cook for you or you can also enjoy a meal with the locals. They are really helpful people and treat their guest really well.

I had one of my meals with the locals their. They had a village on the way above the goat village. They offered me food and tea. They have different names for the food they cook like bhaang ki chutney (roasted hemp seeds), Jhangore ki kheer, Mandua ki roti ( chapati made of ragi or finger millets), jholi ( thin gravy made of vegetables and rice flour).

So i had some great meals there during my trip.

Water is so clean and filtered there. You can just carry a water bottle and fill it up on your way during the trek or even from the villages you might cross by. You do not have to buy a bottle there. So water is kind of free! Carry sufficient water from Pantwari. First water point is around 45 minutes into the trek, after the third road crossing. Second water point is about 1.5 hours from here.

The people there are very friendly and helpful. If you are familiar with the language there, they can help you know the area better and cut down on certain cost.

So i stayed there for 2 days. It was a great experience. I came back all refreshed and full of ideas at my workplace.

Whom is this trek meant for ?

This trek is for beginners who want a experience of the mountain peaks. It’s a good getaway for the weekend. It’s adventurous staying in a tent in the middle of nowhere. But it’s safe. All you need is to be physically fit since it has some steep ways to cross by during the trek.