Let Your Shapewear Talk About Your Personality

Sonam Tripathi
Apr 19, 2019 · 3 min read

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the shapeliest of them all. The answer to this could be all you girls out there who have been dreading looking at the mirror off late. Those unsightly bulges that seem to make their presence felt out of every single dress or a fitted top gave become your nemesis. Yes, you have taken the gym membership and you are indeed watching your diet like a hawk but till you lose that flab you cannot put all the invitations on hold. What you can however do is invest some time in picking out shapewear that will make you look like you have lost several inches off your body.

The purpose of a women shapewear is to give you a perfect silhouette and to accentuate your curves. It tucks in all the unwanted fat areas and makes fitted dresses and tops look good on you. These shapewear are also called body shapers and they give the desired hourglass shape to your body. You can now find several variants of shapewear online and depending on the problem areas of your body you can pick one in the style and color you want.

Source: Clovia.com

• Saree shapewear

Indian women and their love for the six-yard saree has been eternal for centuries. Come modern times and the saree got many a makeover with one that has now replaced its age-old companion, the petticoat. The saree shapewear not only has replaced the petticoat but it has also given women a much better silhouette after wearing a saree. This shapewear tones down the butt area and the elastic seamless waist makes it easy to wear. You can get these in matching colors with your saree. A side slit at the hemline gives ease of movement and wearing a saree has never been easier.

• Tummy Tuckers

You can buy tummy tuckers online at Clovia where you will find them in all basic colors and several styles. The high waist tummy shaper tucks in the lower and mid tummy as well as that of the butt and the sides. The tummy tucker is perfect for wearing under western as well as traditional attires like salwar suits. At Clovia, you will find these tummy tuckers right from a small size to a triple XL size.

Source: Clovia.com

• Body shaper suit

Body shapers tuck in all your fat areas with one piece of the garment itself. Body shaper suits also come with concealed zippers which give a perfect snug fit. These body shapers also have a hook and eye closure at the crotch area so that trips to the washroom are not a problem at all. Their stretchable fabric gives you a perfect fit making them the perfect choice to wear under bodycon dresses.

• Thigh shapers

These body shapers concentrate primarily on toning down the thigh area bulges. There is a silicon pasting inside the belt which prevents the shaper from slipping and a cotton lining at the crotch area gives good breathability while keeping the moisture at bay.

• Waist and side bust cinchers

These waist cinchers give a good shape to the waist and side bust area. With their detachable straps, you can adjust them as per your convenience. The powernet fabric does not make you sweat profusely even during summers.

  • Tummy belt with a waist cincher

Worn like a tummy belt, this shapewear has three level adjustable hook and eye closures on the front which gives flexibility in the opening along with cinching the body fat areas. Its seamless finish gives a no show effect from under your dresses while giving you a perfect figure just the way a corset does.

Sonam Tripathi

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Sonam Tripathi is a successful professional in Indian Fashion works at Clovia. She believes that every woman is beautiful, in a fashion which carries vibrant.

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