Calling them Anti-patterns implies that people just aren’t “Scrumming hard enough”, when in…
Adam Ard

Scrum is an extremely loose framework that requires teams to adapt much of the day-to-day process to fit their own needs. There are many practices that some teams have found useful that get confused with scrum, but they are not an inherent part of it. Commit to what you will accomplish in a given time frame. Meet daily to remove impediments. Show off what you accomplish and inspect your working conditions and commit to try something to improve them. Do this with a PO, scrum master, and the team. That’s scrum. The rest is up to you.

Doesn’t work for you? Try some lean stuff. It all comes from the same conceptual origins.

I might hypothesize that there are some cultural problems that scrum has surfaced (this is very common) that are now more visible than they might have been prior to scrum.

There are many smart people out there writing some great stuff (not the bs). You might really benefit from engaging with the community and people who have some strong experience.

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