How we can increase safety in schools.

by Heather Leonetti

Are we safe? Every day when I turn on the news there is without fail stories about shooting, rape, and murder. Although most of us would not like to admit it, our world does not seem to be getting any safer. As in any situation, most psychologists would say that the first step to resolving a problem is coming to the realization that there is an issue. We must first come to terms with the reality that our lives and the lives of our children could potentially be in danger. According to the research by, school shootings continue to increase as time goes on. In the graph displayed below, I mapped out a chart showing the gradual and then sudden increase in school shootings from 2000 to 2014.

Based on the chart above, from 2012 to 2014, school shootings began to dramatically increase with more than 10 school shootings a year. In addition, the amount of shootings in 2014, one-year period, was almost equal to the amount of school shootings in a 10-year period. Indeed, the need for increased security is clearly evident in the facts. There are many reasons as to why school shootings have increased. Some might say it is because we need stricter gun laws due to the fact that people do not stress safety in the homes of those who own guns. Others believe that some children with mental disabilities are going undiagnosed by schools and families causing life-threatening results to their peers, as well as to themselves. Lastly, another suggestion is the thought that we were once a country founded on Christian principles and now with God taken out of schools, as a result, violence in schools has increased. Nevertheless, the fact is that schools today face sometimes life-threatening situations.

Once we realize that schools are not absent from violence, the second step would be to take action. One way to help increase safety in schools is finding a school security program. Sonarcloud is a program that helps parents and school administrators increase communication, as well as safety. The purpose of SonarCloud is for principals to have easy access to the P.A. system from anywhere inside and outside the school building. This will allow principals the ability to quickly announce an emergency lock down from their smart-phone. If you are interested in having SonarCloud in your school please contact Sonarcloud at or call them at 1–888–874–6551.

Jack Martin, President of The Martin Group and retired Chief of School Police once stated… Three reasons why school security fails: “It can’t happen here.” “We can’t afford it.” “We don’t have the time to do all that.”

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