Parental Engagement for Emergency Success.

by Bernadette G.

How Can This Be Done?

As administrators, your first concern is, of course, the safety of both your student and administrative bodies. This is especially true during an emergency, when communication can make the difference between tragedy and triumph. In this post, then, we’re going to discuss the most important aspects of communication, and how improved engagement from all sides — the parental side, can make all the difference.

What Does Parental Engagement Have to Do with It?

Typically, parents view school administrators as en loco parentis (“in the place of parents”). That means that, when the parents drop the kids off at school, they trust that the teachers and administrators will serve in the same parental role that they would serve. According to a research paper produced by Kenneth Trump, however, parents usually have one of two questions:

  • What are the specific measurements that are in place at my child’s school in the event of an emergency?
  • Are the school officials prepared to respond to emergencies?

How Do You Build Trust?

In order to build up the trust between the parents and the administration, administrators need to build up a sense of trust — and that trust comes from proper communication and parental engagement. The following is a list of things that you, as an administrator, can do to create a successful environment for parental engagement:

  • Enforce the rules and regulations of the school, no matter how familiar you are with the parent. Texas PTA Executive Director Kyle Ward uses the tragic example of Sandy Hook as to why this is important — not only does enforcing these rules build a sense of trust with the parents that you, as the administrator, will do whatever it takes to keep the children safe, but you’re also allowing a dialogue to exist between the parents and the administrators, should change in policy be required.
  • It’s not just about having the right technology, but about maintaining the right technology. Amanda Klinger, director of operations for the Educator’s School Safety Network, says that it’s an exercise in futility to invest a lot of money into the best technology for school safety, but having the administration be unprepared to use it because of technological dissonance.

What Can We Do for You?

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