Move To Thailand? We Interview With A 29 Year Old, Who Gave Up On The UK To Live Abroad

The age of 30 is when many consider to be the defining age in which we start to; “settle down” — Start thinking about finding a nice girlfriend? Put a deposit on a house? Maybe a few kids? Start acting a bit more sensibly… ?

It all sounds great in theory, but there are a number of people who have decided to spend their “youth” enjoying life to the full, travelling the world and spending their savings on life experiences rather than overpriced bricks and mortar in a London suburb. With ever increasing taxes in the UK, the terrible weather and the general expense, the idea of living and working abroad is becoming a more attractive option for those who have no responsibilities and want to “improve their quality of life”..

We speak with Jon Scales, who at almost 30 gave up a successful life back in London to travel the world and now lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand — on his thoughts about his new life and decision to leave the UK and move to Thailand.

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