An official announcement of’s hiatus

We believe that our product is great, and we believe that there is a place for our exchange on the crypto market. But now is not the right time. That is why the investor of has decided to freeze the project for an unspecified amount of time. This hiatus can take months, maybe even years. Obviously, this is not what we have promised in our timeline and that is why we have decided to act.

Current market is not welcoming for new cryptocurrency exchanges. From our perspective, prices of marketing and PR agencies got stuck in year 2017, when…

The backbone of

Before we even wrote a first line of the code of, we have broken down the requirements of the platform into a list and analysed it. We also went through possibly all options of an architectural design. The lengthiest part of the discussion was choosing between the two main development techniques: monolithic and microservice-based architecture.

This article is as an extremely shortened version of an ongoing discussion of our backend developers. It is by no means intended as an exhaustive look at the theory of development patterns. Consider it a mere sum up for our tech-enthusiastic readers.

What are microservices?

First, it’s…

End of the year 2018 left us with a big drop of prices and the crypto market of 2019 has not recovered yet. Even though the bear trend is resuming, there are still many promising projects with real life use cases rearing to go.

There are also other positive indicators that can jump-start the market. We are witnessing many large companies entering the crypto sphere, arrival of Lightning Network, rise of DApps and of course increased importance of security tokens.

Many analysts claim that security tokens will push away current utility tokens and will help to create transparent and safe environment for venture funds. We might finally get to the point where investors are protected from ICO scams, price manipulations, and other malevolent activities.
There is a lot to look forward to this year.

Announcing SONT, security token of 2019

One of the few security tokens worth the attention is…

In one of our previous posts, we were dealing with the question of the cryptocurrency regulations and specific approaches taken by individual countries.

The second month of 2019 is almost over, and we just start to realise why many called this year a “Year of Regulation”. Several countries have already introduced their new regulative policies and effectively became a no-go zones for ICOs. Yet, there is still a lot of regulatory work ahead of us…

The following article is aimed to comment upon the new regulations and to forecast the possible next steps of the governmental bodies as well as…

Many consider cryptocurrencies a false dream of fast richness pursued by people in late 2017 and early 2018. However, there is much more behind the idea of decentralisation. With the current bearish market stimulating innovations, it may be only just year 2019, when we will see some fruit of the endeavour of many new tech companies.

Although we can be sure that most of the projects guaranteeing unfounded richness and ICOs promising endless growth are just scams, some of the may actually change the world. That is why we consider innovation as the most important word to characterise the whole crypto community.

ICOs Speeded It Up

What if you have a brilliant idea but do not have the money to back it up? You will probably try to get some or die knowing that you could achieve something great but did not take the opportunity to do so. The ancient problem of fundraising seems to be cured with the new…

Have you ever visited sites about cryptocurrencies? Then you have undoubtedly come across the term liquidity which seems to resemble a holy grail for every crypto trader. What is it and why is it important to consider, when creating an investment plan? That is the main topic discussed by the following article.

What Is Liquidity?

Dictionaries explain the term liquidity as a state when a particular asset can be bought or sold without affecting its price stability. Even high volume orders do not change the price to a greater extent. On the first glance, this seems not as an issue of cryptocurrencies, which…

Just today, we are leaving the warmth of our offices and starting our road show. During January, February and March, will visit major blockchain and fintech events in Asia and Europe.

First stop on our tour will be South Korea. You can meet us on CHAIN PLUS+ in Seoul, 23–24 January 2019. Drop by and ask us anything or discuss possible investment to our project. We will be present in South Korea until the end of January 2019. During that time, we are open for 1 on 1 meetings.

Next confirmed stops are three events in Thailand:

  • Traders Fair

Do you remember the explosion at the end of 2017? Almost every crypto asset grew by thousands of percent, and the whole cryptomarket attracted millions of new investors.

The boom led to the creation of various new coins and tokens as many companies longed to ride the wave. Since they didn’t possess enough capital to back the business by themselves, they ran the crowdfunding campaigns. It was the time when Initial Token Offering (ICO) started to soar.

What Was It Like in 2018?

While everything looked promising at the end of 2017, last year has been a bearish one. The amounts of money investors poured into the new projects found their 16-months low in September when there were only $31,075,391 raised. …

Transparency, decentralisation and no border limits. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the embodiment of these features. However, with the rapid growth of the volume and amount of money invested in these assets, the voices for regulation are getting louder and louder. The widespread use of ICO and STO contributes to debates as the countries aim to protect the investors and their money.

Regulation — Yes, or No?

The critiques of the regulation claim that the cryptos are designed to be unregulated. On the other hand, the supporters voice for the protection of the investments. …

When the blockchain technology appeared, nobody thought it would mean something more than a futile attempt of geeks to create an alternative to traditional currency. Since 2013 it has become more and more clear that it may even have the potential to replace traditional money. The investors started to include Bitcoin among the investable commodities.

Besides the traditional coins that should one day serve as a tool for everyday spending, another independent category emerged — tokens. Nowadays, we distinguish between utility and security tokens.

They both have their value and importance, but they are designed to serve different purposes.

Utility Tokens — The Credit to Spend


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