School is Home

Aww life on campus. Booze, sleepovers, and parties, or at least that’s what outsiders think. Living on a college campus seems to be what all freshman students do. Their parents drop them off and kiss them goodbye, and then they are on their own. Your parents hope you’ll be alright. You’re on your own. Constantly at school. Constantly studying. Students are students all the time. Professors are professors. They get to go home to a house, not a dorm. Freshman living on college campus have more benefits than students living off campus. It’s easier to get to resources that are provided on campus. It’s also more convenient to see professors during office hours, since they live right there on campus. 
 Personally, I feel like I’m in this realm of school, I go “home” but it’s still at school. It’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced. Somehow it feels normal though, living at school. I think it is important that college freshman live on campus. College is different and new for freshman, so being able to use campus resources is key. Although it seems much harder than past education, it doesn’t have to be. There are so many things right there at your fingertips to help you. 
 Imagine this, you’re sitting in your dorm stuck on a calculus problem for hours, and can’t for the life of you think of how to get to the end of the problem to find x. You have some options. Now you can turn to google, but honestly what are the chances someone has already solved the exact same problem your professor carefully put together? No, bad idea. Math and the internet aren’t friends. Calculus and people get along better. So, phone a friend. (Let’s pretend as if you are hypothetically in a game of “Who Wants to be A Millionaire”, college edition.) A friend could help you, a friend from class that you can meet right there on campus where you both live, no inconvenience, no problem. If this friend is unavailable there is no need to be alarmed because there is also on campus tutoring that can be easily utilized on campus. Now if this convenient phone a friend doesn’t work you can always call an expert. This expert being a professor, you being desperate to answer this million dollar question. If you live on campus, then at any point you can make your way down to your professor’s office hours and your problem is fixed. Although your prize may not be a million dollars, the equation to solve the problem made lead to you making millions. 
 Let’s just think for a second. What if said situation occurred with a student living off campus. All of these resources so far away. All the campus has to offer would not be utilized from so far away. Their home isn’t on campus where they can walk two minutes and be in the tutoring center, or climb the stairs and be in their professor’s office. This leads me to believe living on campus comes with so many benefits that simply cannot be taken advantage of from off campus especially as a college freshman.

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