play chess and Think in the strategy

You are starting to build your world and achieve goals so… you wake up every day , go to work or collage ….. “ and your mind have a philosophy “ Day_To_Day Action “ which moving you every second on the earth , whatever your thought type you are the only one have the right to take decisions to merchant this philosophy … you are the boss .

suddenly , your own philosophy tells you to take a step toward your goals and put yourself on gates of the battle ….

let’s ask a simple questions … Do you have definite Goal ? Did you put your plan or strategy ? .. Do you Focus on and have a clear vision for all these ? How and when you are ready for racing …?

ok , let me tell you about the Royal game “ Chess “ …. players set on chairs and everyone put his strategy to weak his rival and kill the king ….

your life is like chess board where you can move with desire and thinking intelligently , your biggest challenges “ fear , disappointment , negative speech ,….“ is enemy which standing between you and goals ……..Be brave , let’s play .

At the first you have a specific goal which Combine with enthusiasm and desire , then you thinking about how to conquer your enemy , what is the plan ….

you want to be gamer but not any gamer can play without tools , in chess king has “ soldiers , horses , minister …. “ many pieces but every piece has its uses ,value and Sacrifice for winning the game and save the king .

small piece with small step can rise you up and finish the game , chess pieces are different but Cooperating with each other , taking risks and riding of enemy pieces .

I think until now it is clear and obvious for you , like chess you should have your tools that should include human tools .

Human tool , I Mean to build your “ Group of the Mastermind “ by using your team or friends and share the power of working , fighting and achieving goals .

once up on time , a wise man had said “ Success need power and the power came from the Union “

ِAs a leader , Entrepreneur , Business man , ambitious ….. “ As a king of the game you know the importance of every piece function and what will add in your Mastermind .

you begin to put the strategy which consider your Guidance line , who will move , when and for what.

Strategy is the Language of actions ….. oh The Right Action , tell your self whats the decision and prepare yourself very well , your Goals worth more than you think .

Honestly , many times you will hurt , your strategy may be not well , but believe in yourself and trying to improve this every time and you find out achieving Goals .

Our strategy is like the chess as you need to practice daily , Think wisely ,know how to take speed decisions and how to develop it ….

Remember that “ There isn't thing for nothing “… in order to reach you will pay the fine , If you want to be out box you will pay anything for your goals Whether it is “ Time , effort ,….”

Know what is your steps , Believe you are Brave enough to kill your enemy .

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