Are you a bookaholic? Do you excessively read books? If yes, I guess you must have heard of book reviews or even have written them. If no, I think YOU SHOULD START IT NOW!

Book reviews will not spoil the story of the book if you know how to do it properly. Let me tell you top 3 reasons why I started to do a book review:

  1. It shows you give value to what you have read. Anything you read will not be a waste. You will learn or get something from whatever you read. So it would worth it to start a book review to remind you what it takes to read those books.
  2. It is a sign of sharing. Your book reviews may help the other readers to get interested in what you are reading or even help those non-readers to start reading your short book reviews. Not to mention that your book reviews can be a tool for other readers to know many books at the same time.
  3. It can improve your writing. Writing book reviews will definitely help you improve your way of writing as well as your imagination. You imagine what you have read and keep writing from what’s in your head. More practices, more improvements.
  4. It can retrieve your memory. Have you forgotten the books you have read were about? So here’s the deal. You can easily go to your book reviews if you want to recover back what you have read by spending just a few minutes on what you have written. Easy and quick!

Read my first book review here: https://sonensite.wordpress.com/2016/08/09/my-first-book-review/