And no funeral required. In fact I used to resent it sometime. This hole-in-the-wall of a place which was supposed to last at most a year before crashing while I could learn the trade. But damn, I failed to fail.

Now after three years here we are. Having a 16 seats intimate joint in Paris that people see as chill, doing honest and pretty tasty food with a caring service, given glowing reviews and ending up financially neat, why would I whine ? Because it sucked and underperformed as a restaurant. Everyday, front and back. At least to my standards.

But it is now time to move on, investing big and getting bigger in return, swim among the fat fishes, rub elbows with the pros and play like game7’s Lebron to get my damn ring… Yeah, you get my point.

All thanks to this first crappy restaurant of mine, where I could fail and pile as much mistakes as I could, without no one knowing, caring or even complaining. That gave me the knowledge and experience, feeling confident about my skills as a restaurateur, and this you can hardly buy. Except if you are willing to work 100+ hours a week and ready to throw money to learn. Harsh love, you will be missed bud’.

So when does the next one start ?
Count 4 to 5 months for the lawyer to prep the dough from the sale so I can cash it, raise additional funds, find a new space, get the job done, add some delays and here we are, around the end of first semester 2017.

That long ! Why not keep the first one if it works then ?
Operating a profitable small restaurant is damn hard. It requires skills, attention to every single detail and a daily presence to make sure no one fuck things up bad enough for you to bleed money. And keeping both would just do good to my ego at the expense of the operations. Not a chance.

Ok but will there be bread now ?
Hell No. Eat rice fool.