Slowness: Key to a Good Product

Hurry is often the enemy of creative endeavors. There are circumstances where hurry is necessary and can give you that extra jolt to complete your work, but for most circumstances where creating is involved hurry, rush, and the just-get-it-out-there mentality kills a good product.

It’s like the get-rich-quick schemes that promise an enormous amount of wealth with the least amount of work. We all know that making money while simply lying on a beach somewhere is far from reality. Yet people fall for these schemes over and over again because they want the money without putting in the work. Convenience and leisure go a long way when it comes to selling a product. Although it is possible to make money doing as little work as possible, it’s not likely that you’ll achieve that kind of success. But it’s the possibility that drives people to fall for the get-rich-quick schemes.

Like these schemes, creating something and making it available to the world can be done with little effort for a quick return. But that’s exactly what it is — fast cash. You can forget about longevity, value, and serving others in the best way you can because cheap products meant for quick returns don’t last.

So the next time you want to crank out a project, create a product, or write that novel remember that a good, quality product takes time, persistence, and a lot of hard work. But all of that work and patience to create an excellent product will produce not only a quality product for the people and repeat customers. But it will also create a better you.

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