Song A Day Dot World

Hi! I’m looking for illustrators!!

On January 1st of 2019, I will have been writing a song and posting it to YouTube every day for 10 years. That’s 3,653 days. I’m not planning to stop (although I’ve been tempted a few times, but that’s another story). I hold the Guinness Record for Most Consecutive Days Writing A Song.

Anyway, by January 1st, I’d really love to be able to launch this new site that I’ve been working on called

The site will be Song A Day’s permanent home. Each song has a page that lists out attributes like song length, tempo, key, the location it was recorded, etc, etc — plus a long list of tags. You click on any tag and you can see all the songs that share that tag. Simple!

(or — it would be if I had been organized enough to be properly tagging the last 10 years worth of songs. I’m going back and doing it, year by year, it’s taking forever.)

The really cool thing is the illustrations.

Each song has a custom illustration. Each illustration is composed of smaller individual pngs that are assembled by computer code to form a unique image.

These component pngs each represent a subset of attributes of the song (namely: location, topic, mood, instrument and beard). Each year of song a day will have a different illustrator. We’ve only done year 1 so far. Here’s what that looks like (as illustrated by Steven Powell):

My face represents the mood of the song. 12 total moods in year 1.
My outfit represents the topic of the song. 33 total topics in year 1.
The instrument is, duh, the main instrument in the song. 15 instruments in year 1.
The background is the location where the song was made. 9 total locations in year 1.

There’s also the background color of each image, which changes based on the day of the year (also done programmatically) . Here’s what some of them look like when they’re all put together:

There’s also a whole crypto-collectible-blockchain side to this, but I don’t want to scare you away! The first and main purpose of the site is to make navigating Song A Day fun, easy and interesting!

Will you be my illustrator?

My goal is to have every year‘s worth of illustrations look completely different.

Your job would be to render the same attributes as you see here, but in your own unique style. There’s 67 individual attributes that were drawn for year 1, so that’s the number you’d be starting with. That number will surely grow though, as each year of Song A Day has introduced new topics, moods, instruments and locations to the mix! The price per image will depend on your experience level.

If this project interests you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

The current state of the site