A Few Moments of Pride — Part 2

Photo by davidpheat/pixabay

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Bangkok for an entire week during the last Eid Vacation- all credit goes to best father in the world! My aim for the entire trip had been to shop till I drop, literally. And shopping is what I did- bags, shoes, souvenirs and what not!

But the most memorable part of my Bangkok trip was the cruise in the river Siam. It was on a starry night and the sky was clean, the tall buildings shined like multi-colored stars on land. It was beautiful!

The ship itself was magnificent. And the party we were invited to was being held in the VIP lounge, which was filled with millionaire businessmen, hot shot lawyers and their families. The aim of the gathering was for the colleagues to get closer on a family level.

After introductions & dinner, the mingling and dancing began. Amidst the noise of the party, some on called out loudly enough for everyone present there

“There’s our future doctor!”

And I froze like deer caught in headlights. There I was looking small & vulnerable among all these powerful people, trying to blend in awkwardly with the impeccably dressed “Bideshis”. And then people were looking at me, congratulating me, telling me how lucky they were to have a doctor in the “Family” I was meekly trying to establish that I was just a 3rd year medical student but it was all in vain.

The lady, who started the entire chain of events, as I came to know, was a pharmacist in Seoul herself. It had been embarrassing enough, but even more uncomfortable to be the only one in this profession in the entire group.

As the party came to an end and I was leaving with a very proud family, the pharmacist lady held my hand and said,

“I live in Seoul but my husband lives in Bangladesh, as you know, he is not very healthy. But now I’m relieved because now you are family, and you are a doctor. I know my husband will be taken care of” she smiled and left. And I stood there, proud and vulnerable at the same moment.

For the umpteenth time in my almost 3.5 years in the M.B.B.S course, I realized what a big responsibility I have taken upon my shoulders. That a life depends on me, someone’s health and someone’s happiness, the wholeness of an entire world- someone’s family depends on me.

Not only me, but all of us. Let us thank the Almighty for giving us the opportunity to be selected for this profession and pray for strength to earn knowledge, be sincere and morally right because doctors are the only ones who can save a life.