#1 How did the Renaissance impact the use of scientific principles and technological advancement?

The first wave started that all people use to do farm in the land. they only stayed in one place called home. The old, the sick, and the weak stayed with their family. they started to live as family. Everybody has to work at the farm and be able to do a lot of thing. they use to build their own tools by using human strength. In the first wave, land is the most important thing in that era.

#2 What impact did the use of science and technology during the Industrial Revolution have on society?

Second Wave work was something very separate from the house if we compare to the first wave. Success was quiet important. To have a career or get a job, to make money is important more than anything. Moreover, they started to thinking about the money and their income and profits. And they started to use expensive machine. Start to harnessed the nature to build their tools. They begin to apply wind, water, coal, steam, and oil to the basic tools. In the second wave they have railroads. And men go to work with the factory and women work at their house like the first wave.

#3 What is Toeffler’s Third Wave theory and where do you think Thailand is in his suggested theory of change?

Accodring to Toeffler’s theory, by now, Thailand is in the third wave. which is everything is a lot more easier than the past when both technology and economy are working together. Surprisingly, technology improve a lot in many past year. And it seem not to stop growing. Technology can make everyone in this world getting closer when combined with social media that way we can chat or see someone that live very far away from us easily.