Sharing My Song

I’m a Pittsburgh writer and not very technically savvy. Being the mother of an app developer, I’ve asked for lots of help with everything technical, especially when it comes to posting, downloading and sharing information on social media.

“Google it, mom,” is the standard text back to me from Brooklyn as he fields my requests for help. So before asking for help, I’ve learned to try to figure it out by asking Google on my MacBook Pro or Siri on my iPhone.

One day in the Fall of 2015, after our daughter’s wedding, I was enjoying the beautiful song the soloist surprised our daughter and her husband with at their wedding ceremony. I was so pleased with song, I wanted to share it with all of my friends on Facebook.

So I “Googled” the following question and was shocked at the answer I found!:

“How do I post a song on Facebook?” I didn’t find the answer I was looking for. In fact, many people in the Facebook “help” community said “it couldn’t be done.” I poured over a bunch of hard-to-understand solutions, but pretty much gave up.

After explaining my dilemma to our app developer, he said, “I’ll build you an app to post your songs.”

So that’s how SongPost came to be.

SongPost is so simple to use that I don’t have to ask for instructions any more. I choose the song in my music library, add my favorite photo and two clicks later I’m done!

See the web site for more info. And get it in the App Store for $2.99

SongPost does a lot of other cool things too:

· Post your audio or song along with a photo to Facebook, UTube, email, SoundCloud, tumblr

· Create audio memes.

.Send your friends crazy audio messages with effects on your voice.

· Share your message dynamically….with audio and a photo — not just with words.

· Pick a song of any format right from your iPhone music Library and add a photo from your iPhoto library.

· Customize your post with photo captions and video effects.

· With SongPost’s built-in recorder, you can create a new song (or message) right from the SongPost app and add effects to your voice.

Oh, here’s the special post I made with two easy clicks in SongPost: A special wedding song downloaded right from the app to all my Facebook friends. I’ve even texted and emailed it a few times too!

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