Aloe Vera Juice

There are over 1,000 chemical ingredients have been found in aloe vera juice, it mentioned much is the caffeine along with quinic acid, acetylmethycarbinol, dimethyl disulfide, putrescine, niacin, Trigonelline, theophylline … have in many other biological effects together.

The use of aloe juice has prevented the development of sugar levels in the blood and also helps to improve insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

Researchers noted cafestone and caffeic acid, tested the effects of two chemicals to mouse cells in vitro and found to both increase insulin production when glucose. Especially cafestone also helps increase glucose uptake in muscle cells, at a rate equal to some drugs for diabetes now.

Additionally, aloe vera juice has impact on growth of the peptides in the stomach, it helps reduce glucose and improves glucose tolerance. This discovery is considered significant for public health.

This finding has important implications because diabetes causes the body no longer responds to insulin. Still produces insulin, but the cells of the liver and muscle do not absorb excess glucose. In the early stage of diabetes, insulin is produced continues to help the body absorb more glucose.

However, as diabetes progresses, insulin-producing cells in the pancreas die. Lead researcher Soren Gregersen concludes: “the double impact of the recently discovered — cafestone in aloe vera juice helps prevent the harmful effects of diabetes.”


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