Linkin Park — Good Goodbye

As a Linkin Park fan for years, I’m looking for their new album One More Light. There are rumours about the album from different sources, but “In The End”, we heard about new songs.

There are 10 songs in tracklist and all are for sure good songs. Heavy is one of the first song from the album that released. Now, we are hearing about a new one called “Good Goodbye”. Neither a video nor an audio is leaked about the song yet, but its lyrics are in the web. Let’s take a look as a snippet.

So say goodbye and hit the road
Pack it up and disappear
You better have some place to go
'Cause you can't come back around here
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)
Full Version: Good Goodbye Lyrics

As you see, it gives hope for the fans when you read just intro of the lyrics by itself. We are wondering for the video clip and vocals and we have to be patient for now.

Linkin Park — Good Goodbye

I can write a review later as soon as the video will be uploaded to YouTube or other platforms, but it’s all for now.