Link Spotify to Facebook with Songwhip

If you’re like us, when you find a killer song, you just want to tell the world. With IFTTT you can easily link up your Spotify to automatically share Songwhip links to Facebook whenever you add a song to your library.

  1. Head over to IFTTT and click ‘Get Started’ to login
  2. Click ‘My Applets’ and then ‘New Applet’ to create a new automated rule.
  3. Here’s where you compose your rule. A rule comprises of an input ‘trigger’ and an output ‘action’.

4. Click the ‘+ this’ and search ‘Spotify’ as your input trigger service.

5. Spotify has two different triggers to choose from, we’re going to select ‘New Saved Track’.

6. Next we need to choose our ‘action’ service. Search ‘facebook’ and choose ‘Facebook’ to post to a personal account or ‘Facebook Pages’ to post to a page.

7. Choose ‘Create Link Post’ as the specific Facebook action.

8. The final stage is to choose what you’d like your automatic post to look like. Spotify gives us the TrackURL, so we can easily turn that into a Songwhip link by prepending like so:{{TrackURL}} . Below you can choose whatever you like for your message.

9. Click ‘Create action’ and we’re done!

Your IFTTT ‘applet’ can be turned on/off/edited at any time from the ‘My Applets’ page.

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