Stop using CSS in JavaScript for web development
Gajus Kuizinas

You should name your article “stop using styled-component”. I know you are not attacking some library author, but most of the article was comparing traditional styling to styled-component specifically, so I thought the title should reflect that.

Personally namespacing alone is enough of a problem for me to not write global stylesheets, so I don’t really relate to all the bullet points after 1. Saying BEM is the solution is like saying we don’t need javascript modular system because we can just namespace all the craps in the window object, not to mention we need to give it extra brain power to come up with a hierarchy for styles because they are separated from the javascript code.

About web component and shadow dom, please stop politically correct your fellow devs. I think we have enough of it in real life. If the so called “standard” is not as usable as we want and we as a community can sustain our solution that makes sense, then use what makes sense. What’s the point of conforming to external standard when you are making application whose codebase is only accessible by your already-on-the-same-page team members or even just yourself anyway? I’m not a fan of css as json objects but I’ll definitely pick things like css-modules and csjs over crappy standards for UI components that I don’t intend to publish in my own application.