3 Methods to Becoming a Digital Savvy Agent

We all know that the real estate industry can be extremely competitive. How to stay ahead of your competitors? The answer, go digital!

Yes, I know everybody uses social media, however, did you know that 13 million South African’s are on Facebook? They recently released this fascinating featured called Facebook 360, with this, you can capture 360 images and upload it instead of those single pictures that tend to miss a corner.

Did you know that 82% of the South African population are mobile users? Nowadays, you’re just a click away, meaning that a client can search for a realtor in their area while walking the dog, and if they are interested in your service they simply click on CALL and voilà you’ve got your lead. So, remember to ask your developer to optimise your website for both PC and mobile. Furthermore, add call-to-actions to your social pages and to your website to generate further leads.

Blogs and community pages are an ideal method to educate your clients. A community page is a way for you to interact with your clients as well as identify their shared interest and experiences. Remember, content is KING. That first word could be the difference between a deal or no deal.