Why it pays to be ‘still’ sometimes

As I looked up from the ground, I noticed a man walking towards me in the corridor. He wouldn’t have been much older than 60, wearing a navy and white tracksuit and a cap. He made eye contact and smiled with his mouth slightly opened, as if he wanted to tell me something. We crossed each other.

Thirty minutes later, I waited at the bus stop. A man approached me from the left side and I heard him say “we meet again”. I giggled playfully, saying “looks like we do”. The man’s eyes were searching for my name badge, which was partially occluded by my jacket. I said, “I’m Sonia, and what’s your name?

“I’m John. I had a CT scan today. I’m a patient….well I was a patient. Was diagnosed with liver cancer, scared me to death. But they got it all, I think. Just need the CT scan to confirm it. I’m so relieved.”

My eyes lit up and welled up at the same time. John did have something to say when he saw me in the corridor but my fast-paced walk did not invite conversation. Here was a man who wanted to share his news. I heard it because I was finally able to stand still. I told him I was extremely happy for him and the fact that he got a second chance.

The bus arrived and I jumped on. But John didn’t board; he just stood there in the sun and waved me goodbye.

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