Twitter, Captain Jack and Brand Leadership

“ Now, there is a fire in me, a fire that burns…’’
Franz Ferdinand, “This Fire”

Hopefully nothing got out of control, as the captain reappointed the ship again on its course.

A couple of days ago, a hashtag almost set the internet on fire. Some Twitter users started using #RIPTwitter to show their disagreement regarding the latest algorithmic changes on Twitter’s home feed. Despite it only took a couple of hours to become a trending topic, a crisis didn’t happened.

In case you’ve missed the buzz, it’s about a new timeline feature intended to help you catch up with the best Tweets from people you follow. This change will make the Tweets you’re most likely to be interested in to appear at the top of your Twitter timeline. But still in reverse chronological order, as always. Even though this feature will soon be default, you can always switch it off you prefer the old Twitter.

I’m a big fan of Twitter and the value it brings us as a brand. As they stated on their about page, Twitter’s mission is “To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers”.

This is priceless and thankfully they’re are making changes to improve user experience and to better execute on their mission as opposed to becoming more like Facebook, as many feared.

Indeed, I think the prophetic hashtag helped Jack Dorsey addressing the concerned Twitter community, reaching out to them and showing us all his leadership ninja skills.

From what seemed to be a combination of power and humility, Jack gently led the unsettled community to calm waters and showed people how they could now, and from now on, use the platform tools to better accomplish their goals.

And what we saw was a practical brand leadership how-to. As its leader, Jack backed Twitter’s brand being in the moment, listening, expressing itself and ultimately being responsible and owning the situation. Let’s see it:

1. Being Present requires flexibility and spontaneity to manage the unknown or unexpected

2. Reaching out needs empathy to be effective. How? By listening, making connections and building rapport with others

3. A Brand that talks and communicates its purpose passionately

4. A Brand that acknowledges its values and beliefs and makes the promise on being authentic.

So, for all of us who love this tool, Twitter is still real-time and still (a)live.

Originally published at on February 29, 2016.


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