Media representation has never been more democratized. Pre-teens having grown up watching their favourite internet stars, dream of having their own YouTube channels and becoming the next notable influencer. People from around the world are joining online trends that range from wacky challenges to ironic cross-overs. From artful dance videos, to home-made animations and beautiful short films — online media platforms have allowed for video creativity to flow free.

So what does being a creator mean today?

You have a unique perspective

The beauty of the internet, and what I truly believe is the most powerful thing about it, is the access to view so…

Are you a YouTuber looking for the next big thing? Have you always wanted to start a video podcast? On a media team tasked with finding new ways to reach and engage with audiences?

With instagram live (IGTV), Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube Live and the emergence of Tik Tok — there is no shortage of outlets where you can share your live stories. So where does STAGE TEN fit in?

The STAGE TEN studio was designed for the next generation of creators. By enabling anyone to easily and quickly produce a show that looks like a professional broadcast - STAGE…

Photo by Jakob Owens

The year is 2019 and video consumption is at an all-time high. Online streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon are fighting to create the best original content. YouTubers are becoming multi-million dollar influencers with every click. Your mom is face-time calling you about her latest DIY hack. Video is quite frankly, taking over our lives.

So where do we go from here?

The Future is Live and Interactive

“Live video is super powerful and exciting because it opens the door to true interactivity” — Dave Lazar, Founder and CEO of STAGE TEN

Sonia Hong

Director of Creative Production. Brand Marketer. Likes thinking about leadership, design, tech, media, politics, feminism & empowerment. Shoots pretty things.

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