Sonia McDonald Puts Lights on “Courageous Leadership”

Sonia McDonald is an inspirational keynote speaker from Australia who is known for her unique take on courageous leadership. Named in Richtopia’s Top 250 Influential Women Across the Globe list and Top 100 Australian Entrepreneurs, Sonia has been successful in leaving a mark on her audience. She engages her listeners with a one-on-one, enthusiastic approach that is tailored to suit their requirements. She is popular for delivering impressive keynote speeches that engage and inspire the audience.

For over 25 years, Sonia McDonald has been actively involved in a the field of human resource management. She has worked with professionals from far and wide and through experience, research and study has figured out certain qualities essential to be a powerful leader. She has developed various Neuroscience-based techniques for Leadership that when applied prudently can go far in enhancing the productivity of any organisation.

Sonia feels that leadership is not only about leading people physically and it is also important to touch your team on an emotional level. She is a world-class speaker who is known for her talent and zeal to inspire people. Her infectious energy, enthusiasm, consideration, and sharpness add life to her speeches. Sonia feels that brave discussions will result in extraordinary leadership. Nonetheless, overcoming the fear to have bold discussions is the initial step towards courageous leadership.

A courageous leader believes in the abilities of his team and is not afraid to tread the path unknown. Sonia feels that understanding the connection between science, leadership and the manner in which individuals work to accomplish exceptional outcomes, is a point not broadly researched; yet, most workplaces experience its significant effects. Her speeches help you figure out the connection between these elements and you leave after getting acquainted with different techniques that can be applied to streamline this relationship for enhanced output.

Sonia McDonald is an award winning author who writes routinely for big productions like The Australian, Smart Healthy Women, HRD Magazine, and Women’s Business Media. Sonia McDonald is appreciated for her unique approach towards leadership, the neuroscience of fear, motivating leaders of the future and boosting women participation in male centric businesses.

Sonia McDonald believes that in addition to leading courageously, it is also vital to lead with kindness. She says that one should lead with generosity, from the heart. She says that as opposed to just telling, you should show others how it is done. She is known for her mantra ‘Just lead’. Through her one-on-one engaging training sessions, she urges others to unleash their potential. Sonia has helped several individuals on their leadership journey to become the best version of themselves and thusly, rouse and draw out the best in others.

Sonia McDonald is the founder of an organization named LeadershipHQ that is specifically centered on helping people discover and polish their leadership skills. Sonia is highly dedicated towards her cause of promoting courageous leadership and is open to travel to almost any part of the world to make people realise the power of leading boldly.

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Sonia McDonald & Leadership Keynote Speaker, Author and Coach

Sonia McDonald & Leadership Keynote Speaker, Author and Coach