What I learnt from being a Nice Person?

In two words, ‘It Sucks!

I have always been told that I’m too nice and in this big bad world of ours, if you want to get ahead, leave the niceness behind.

I fought tooth and nail against this idea and championed the cause for niceness. I felt that it triumphs over being aggresive and cut-throat.

For the past one year, a lot of things have happened which has made me question myself and my beliefs. Maybe they were right!

Definition of a Nice Person

My definiton: Someone everyone likes and is a pleasant thoughtful person with whom you can have a very insightful fun conversation.

From my experience,if you want to be nice, be prepared for the following

  1. Prepare to become a doormat for people to walk all over.
  2. Prepare to be taken advantage of by everyone. This includes friends, colleagues and even family members.
  3. Prepare for people of authority at your workplace to question your belief and declare it as a weakness
  4. Prepare to question whether empathy only exists in books and movies.
  5. Prepare to accept that your nice gestures will become expectations.
  6. Prepare to put on a happy face even though you are deeply hurt because that is expected from you.
  7. Prepare to be deeply hurt and heart broken

Maybe I’m become too cynical and hope that my faith is restored in the power of being nice.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Would love to hear your thoughts…