Lonely Lovers Club

Her thumb slowly scrolled upwards as she skimmed through the same photos she had seen minutes before. It must have been the third time she opened her Instagram in the last ten minutes. The photos provided an escape from boredom. Across the small round table, in the middle of the busy coffee shop, sat her boyfriend. He, too, was scrolling through something on his phone. They hadn’t spoken for the last several minutes. Both were absorbed in the online world, not speaking to one another, and escaping their loneliness together. The woman looked up from her phone and at her boyfriend. He didn’t notice her. There was a wave of disappointment on her face as she came to the realization that the real connection wasn’t between them anymore. Even though he was sitting right in front of her, close enough to squeeze his hand, she was there alone. She opened her mouth to say something. Anything. Her iPhone buzzed on the table. Her boyfriend looked at it and went back to his phone. She picked it up and started typing on the keyboard. For the next fifteen minutes, they sat in silence, busying themselves on their phones. Her boyfriend took his last sip of coffee and looked at her. He mumbled, they got out of their seats, and left the coffee shop. They took their loneliness with them.

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