For all we know “Sonia Simone” could be a silly fake name as well, but I guess that’s not the point…

Sadly, Medium just lost a rather lengthy comment I just drafted, so I’ll keep it quick:

I’m referring to the January 6 official statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, not the leaked dossier. The intelligence community has expressed important concerns, and those concerns deserve an investigation.

If you have a mechanism to convince three-quarters of U.S. states to remove the electoral college, including the many small-population states that benefit from a disproportional vote for the presidency, I’m all ears.

And as for the California thing — this argument always seems deeply weird to me. Trump got 4.6 million votes in Texas, do we get rid of those as well? Voters in big states are Americans, just like voters in small states are.

Finally, criticism like Deb’s of the president for his conduct in office isn’t being a “sour loser,” it’s vital to the health of the democracy. There are some deeply worrisome trends here, including a lack of regard for the rule of law with respect to conflicts of interest and corruption.

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