10+ Brilliant Ideas To Design A Creative Office Space In A Budget

With the trends in designing office spaces evolving, it’s hard to keep up with the latest fad without spending a large sum of money on office design ideas. Lists of the coolest office spaces are constantly being updated with more and more companies emerging. They’re all making their workplace appealing to attract more candidates. Not just companies, even freelancers and entrepreneurs working out of their homes are on the lookout for creative home office ideas.

There’s no need for you to go searching all over the internet to look for the most creative office design ideas. We’ve made a collection of the best ideas to affordably design an office space and home office ideasto add that spunk to your work life.

Here are 10 brilliant ideas you can incorporate into your interior decor project:

1. Fairy Lights

We’re going to start with the obvious. Fairy lights have been trending for a while in room decor. But offices have also taken up this easily available accessory to lighten up their rooms with style. Use them to hang up a string of photographs or just to decorate your walls, they look pretty either way!

2. Artificial Plants

Maintaining real flowers and plants indoors can cost you a lot of time and productivity. Artificial creepers tied along pipes and wires can make them look more presentable and less like neglected objects. Artificial flowers and plants placed around the room are great office design ideas that give a feeling of being close to nature.

3. Graffiti

Graffiti isn’t just something to vandalize someone’s property or walls with. They’re pieces of art that depict creativity and a message. Graffiti on office walls are another huge trend in office design ideas as almost every office now has a wall that’s dedicated to it.

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4. Hanging Lamps

Tubelights and bulbs have been taken over by artistic hanging lamps. These come in numerous styles and patterns that can match the exact theme your room is designed for. Simple yellow lamps or multicolored lamps with kaleidoscopic prints, designer lamps, and many more options are available at affordable prices online and in markets. This office decor can also be used as home office ideas.

5. Hammocks

To unlock the utmost level of comfort, opt for a hammock inside the workplace. These netted things have helped many relax staring at the sky. And though the view won’t be a starry night, hammocks at the workplace can help the employees rejuvenate during stressful times.

6. Contemporary Chairs

Chairs. Yes, something as simple as chairs can be made swanky too. Every office has sections dedicated to activities. Why not get chairs appropriate for the activity? Adjustable office chairs for desks, low level cushiony and colorful stools for casual use, chairs without armrests, or customized chairs to suit the theme of the room make for really cool office decor.

7. Bean Bags

Bean bags are another extremely famous item for office design ideas. These go with every theme and are the first thing to be occupied wherever they are — at home, parties, and even work!

8. Grass Mat / Carpets

If you have a balcony, or an informal meeting room, beautify the floor with a grass mat. Carpets, even the non-magical ones, can make the room look nicer. Soft carpets to walk on can enhance anyone’s mood to be honest.

9. Pin Board

Pin boards, or bulletin boards, are not just used for decoration. These are quite useful to set reminders, have important information right in front of you, put up notices, and much more!

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10. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves won’t take up much of your space, even if you get a bigger size. They give off an elegant feel with their simplicity. You can use it to keep decorative items, plants, photo frames, kitchenware, etc.

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