Dorms Tapestry - Gorgeous Decorative and Charming Look

Dorms are white boring with their white walls. Making your dorm room look comfortable and in a swig fit, you need to add blending a tapestry that matches with your bed coverings and wardrobe. Dorms wall Tapestry have the potential of taking your drab white walls to cool level of beauty and finding the fit for your vibe is what matters.

Tapestry Wall Hangings

The tapestry wall hangings for the dorms depend on your style and preferences. It also depends on how you want to feel when you step into your dorm room. Choose tapestry wall hangings of a variety of posters, or you can opt for wall hangings Tapestry that is over-sized. The wandering life tapestry comes in different designs, and best for hanging on the walls, the Dancing bear with blended colors of purple and blue is ideal for those who love animals. You have the option of choosing tapestry that represents your best pet, place, treasure, designs and with colors that blend with your beddings and other accessories. The most popular dorm room tapestry online includes Elephant Tapestry Zodiac and tree of life Tapestry black and white Tapestry, sun and moon fabric and Tie a DYE printed weaving.

How to Hang A Tapestry

Once you have picked your favorite dorm tapestry, it’s time to hang it on the best and cleared spot on the wall. This beautiful drape needs to be carefully handed to present tear and in the correct way. Here are ways to hang your dorm tapestry making your room look classy and stunning

What you need

Wall Tapestry, Scissors, Drill, Curtain Rod Set and binders clips

Step 1: Hang the curtain rod on your dorm wall using the curtain rod brackets. When buying the curtain rod ensure it has screws. Measure the triple check the correct length according to the tapestry and then start drilling.

Step 2: Get the tapestry and measure at least 1 inch long and then slit it across; you need to measure the full fabric length and divide to get a whole number. Like for 60 inches, you will need five slits inches apart.

Step 3: Take the link curtain rings and insert each into the slits

Step 4: Slide each of the curtain rings right onto the curtain rod

Step 5: Hang the rod on your wall brackets and spread out the tapestry and enjoy your new dorm look.

Dorm wall tapestry is easy to hang, and it’s ideal for adding rich texture, charming designs, and colors that are inexpensive with a remarkable style.

You can also know more about how to hang a tapestry at and easily decor your home.