Holler Out, It’s a Holiday…

this is how we unwind

Holiday! The day we won’t, won’t, won’t (No Siree, Won’t) fold our blankets for there should be no effort involved in slipping back into them the moment the need is felt! The day that the hair is unkempt, the grubbing is on leftovers, the tone, swinging between hyper and sleepy, often interrupted by squeals of laughter or unguarded yawwwwns, for the heart is totally “At home”! Oh how i love holidaying! Just rolling in the sheets with my daughter, thrilled over the fact that there is no school, no tiffin packs, and no home work! The day that one can sing (and I mean really sing, LOUD!), spend hours shaking a leg, or sleep till 12, just do as you please, for heaven’s sake its a holiday and you can please ask the unforgiving clock to go take a hop! If it rains, we will go out for coffee and sandwiches, if it is sunny, we’ll bar-be-que. But gluttony, we shall endorse! No matter the dress, bring out those sneakers, for comfort is what defines this beautiful day called a holiday! Let there be a movie marathon, or the TV playing till wee hours, for we worry not!

It’s been a while since you and I sat up and had a casual laugh, a playful tease, or a gleeful banter. Today, let’s make up for the time lost in trying to earn a living. Let’s today live what we’ve earned so far, let’s enjoy it and make the most of it. For tomorrow is uncertain, tomorrow is counterfeit. We’ll eat, drink and make merry, and so when the next day comes, we’d have unwinded, braced ourselves and gotten ready to putting a good foot forward, till the next holidays come and spiral us out of control.

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