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That was my first work trip. In 2012 my colleague and I set off to San Francisco. We had a long flight with a stop in Amsterdam. New passengers got on the plane and one guy sat next to me. He started asking me questions and we had a talk. It turned out he was an interior designer.

After arriving, our CEO met us and started driving us from place to place. Stanford University remained in my memory. Its small low-rise sandstone buildings with arches and red roofs were creating quite a welcoming atmosphere. For some reason there were almost…

We had been driving for four hours when we saw the sign for a small hotel and decided to stop. Then we got out of our car hoping to get a room and came in. Having seen us the receptionist was a bit surprised. Alas, all rooms had been already booked.

Being exhausted, we pleaded with the guy to find us a room for the night. We even offered to pay him extra. Eventually, he called his brother Marko who had a spare room. He got in our car and we set off. Quite soon we arrived at a common…

Thanks to the internet, you can find lots of jobs abroad today. Or your employer might be interested in relocating you to their overseas branch.

Working with new people abroad is a valuable experience. For instance, you might discover more efficient approaches to your professional duties. But the main advantage is being able to understand and work with people with different cultural backgrounds. For example, at work you will be able to mitigate any problems or conflicts having occurred because of cultural differences. In addition, having worked in another country once, you should be able to find a new job…

Trading is difficult. Markets are changing constantly. To win you must predict everything. It pushes you to move fast, confidently and decisively. Competitors won’t spare you. What are their intentions?

“It’s 7! Everybody who has more than 7 resource cards should discard half.”

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

On Saturday, December 2013, I and Kate set off on our trip to Torzhok at 6 a.m. We met with a group of photographers at our bus right in time. Before, we had travelled with them several times, so I didn’t have any doubts about the journey. But in 2 hours, I felt a little uneasy, as the ride turned out to be longer than usual. Overall it took entirely 4 hours in one direction.

In the town, we decided to go to the local history museum. It was quite decent. There were lots of nice rooms full of details…

The biggest zoo I’ve ever seen is Prague Zoo. The land area covers almost 60 hectares. It isn’t a prison for animals. It has quite attractive and realistic environment for around 710 species.

In 1919, a special committee was established, at a meeting of the advisory board, to start preparatory work on the foundation of the zoo. On 28 September 1931, it was opened to the public with the territory of 8 hectares. Since then, the zoo has been evolving every year.

At the main entrance, you can see North American porcupines, Indonesian Jungle with Komodo dragons, Lemur Island and…

In Russia, a lot of people play computer games. Teenagers spend their spare time on the latest hitsand discussing their achievements with each other. While commuting, many people prefer to play on their phones to pass the time. Also, there are two magazines focused on video games: Igromaniaand Game World Navigator.

Computer gaming is great when you are tired and want to switch off. You can fall into living in any world for some time. And then, after playing, you are positive enough to come up with new good ideas. But it’s important to not to play computer games to…

Dear Sir or Madam,
I really appreciate your “NoName” cafe. I order a cup of coffee here every workday. That became a good tradition which makes my day.

But there are a couple of problems I see. Sometimes at lunchtime, your cafe is closed for about 30 minutes. That is a pity. It would be great if your baristas could have work shifts instead of working for the whole day with lunch breaks.

Also a few times, your baristas put sugar in my cups of coffee after having been asked to not to do that. So, I think it is better just to place sugar nearby to avoid such confusion.

I hope my recommendations are helpful for you. I really want your service to be advanced. In my opinion having better service is really prominent to bring more customers.


I used to live with my parents. When I was 22, I got a well-paid job that allowed me to rent an apartment. I decided that my life would be easier after moving in.
When I was living with parents, I liked our apartment. It seemed huge. The first that caught my eye after coming was the long white hall. On the left hand, there was the spacious living room with mostly black furniture that made the room look too serious. After coming along the hall until the end, I could turn left or right. On the right hand, I had…

Recently, looking through videos from subscribed channels on YouTube I came across lots of new videos related to Oculus. Basically, when a channel is filled up with new content, it means that an event has taken place. And really, Oculus Connect 4 was on October 11–12th. And an Oculus channel was full of lectures, hardware updates and promotion videos of new games. One lecture was even recorded in 360 degrees. But I think it was rather fun than useful. Besides conference time, I watch new product advertisements on the channel. It’s interesting to keep an eye on how every company…


Like programming, learning English, playing boardgames, reading.

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