About my school

I was 7 years old when everything started. I studied in the simple state school №646. It was nearby my home, it took about 5 minutes to get to it. The school had a fence and three gates. There were terraces to get to the entrance. The building had 5 storeys. Every class had about 30 pupils.

The worst thing in any school is that you should do your homework every day. I did it right after school lessons to be free afterwards. Luckily we hadn’t to wear a uniform. Most of my teachers were nice. I didn’t like the strictest ones. I was a calm guy and didn’t have any problems with discipline.

My favourite subject was algebra. Maybe because it wasn’t hard for me at the beginning. The least favourite was music. There I had to sit and do nothing during a whole lesson.

I liked my school because it didn’t stress me very much. I had free time and I appreciated it.

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