I’m free

Finally I’m on holidays. It was a hard year. In this year I’ve learnt a lot in iOS and Android development. I still like programming for mobile platforms and I’m going to keep up this way, especially in Android. My English is improved significantly, I’m in the middle of the intermediate level. This level is much harder than the other ones but there’re still a lot of things I should learn. It seems the longer you learn English the better you understand how much information you should study.

Generally I don’t have enough spare time. On Saturday morning I have my English class and after that sometimes I can do what I want to but it’s a rare case. On Sunday morning I have to do all my English homework and it takes 3 or 4 hours on average. In afternoons I walk and only evenings are most likely to be free for programming or anything else.

And now we a going to have more than 10 free days. I must plan what I want to achieve in this time. First of all I’m going to architect and develop a special library for Android and iOS. I have been programming for iOS more than 5 years and I’ve found that every program I worked on have problems in their data loading subsystem. It stays between your Model and Controller layers. Actually it’s a separate service which is responsible for downloading everything you need and it must do it well. There’re a lot of things I should think about carefully.

  • Binding your model objects with the service
  • Synchronization problems
  • Cancellation
  • Dependencies
  • Blocking operations
  • Loading queue managing to prevent queue overflowing
  • Task prioritization

I think it’s great to have my own solution which I can use everywhere I’ll want to.

The next pet project is my special application for searching in my social networks. I’ve found that it would be great to be able to search through all my stored or marked articles in Evernote, Pocket and Twitter. And I decided to develop a small Mac OS application for that. Also it’s a great opportunity for me to practice in Swift and Reactive Cocoa. But it isn’t the first priority for this holidays.

And as I said English is also very important to me. I must write more texts like this one. And actually it’s hard to programme only like during this morning. Text writing generates a lot of questions and finding answers teaches me. And I found that thinking a lot about one question is a bad idea. I should move on without sucking.

That’s it. Good luck and have a good day ☺

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